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Unlimited Landscaping Atlanta is your one-stop lawn care service provider for a beautiful lawn. With over 50 years of lawn and turf care experience, we are sure that our service will exceed your expectations. We are licensed, insured and a member of professional organizations like the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association (MALTA) and the Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA).

Weed Treatment and Control

Maintaining a dense and vigorously growing turf cover is the single most effective method of controlling lawn weeds. Understand that weeds are a byproduct of problems in the grass plant environment. Thus, killing weeds without first knowing this will lead to future issues with weeds. As an example, the problems caused by knotweed are often an indication of severe soil compaction. The control of knotweed without correcting the soil compaction will only lead to sparse soil cover until the area is once again invaded by weeds that grow in similar soil.

Turf weeds can be easily controlled by simply altering the cultural practices to favor the grass plants over the weeds. These cultural control methods may include adjusting the mowing height, changing the frequency of mowing, adjusting the period between irrigation of the lawn, adjusting the application of fertilizer and/or aerifying the soil.

The best success to control weeds effectively in turf stems from a utilizing a combination of proper cultural practices in addition to prudent use of chemicals. A combination of proper cultural practices plus prudent use of chemical is sometimes necessary to control weeds effectively in turf. Exercise caution when using herbicides ensuring that container bottles are read and followed carefully.

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