Soil Testing Alpharetta

Have the plant life in your yard been experiencing chronic growth problems? If so, it is possible that your soil’s nutrients may be the culprit. To maintain the health and growth of the flora in your landscape, a soil test is essential.

Soil fertility perpetually fluctuates throughout the four seasons year to year – the quantity and availability of mineral nutrients are altered by the addition of fertilizers, manure, compost, mulch and lime or sulfur, in addition to leaching. On top of that, a large quantity of mineral nutrients are removed from the soil as a result of plant growth and development, and the harvesting of crops or flowers. In order to determine whether your soil is supplying the required level of nutrition for healthy plant growth, a soil test should be implemented.

As mentioned previously, the mineral nutritional content can be diminished in soil due to factors such as plant growth, leaching and erosion among other reasons. This mineral drain can be replenished when fertilizers, compost among other sources are applied. Through the use of soil testing, the current “fertility status” of your soil can be measured to determine what specific nutrients that your soil may be lacking if at all.

A key method of determining soil properties is the pH level. The optimum pH range for most turf grasses, flowers and ornamental shrubs to flourish is between 6.1 and 6.9. If the pH level is below this range, the addition of lime will alleviate the situation. On the other hand, if the pH level is above this range, the addition of aluminum sulfate will help.

Other key soil properties available for testing include texture and available nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels.

A beautiful landscape with healthy plants requires constant tending and this starts from below ground and up. The importance of soil testing cannot be underestimated to provide your lawn and landscape with the ideal conditions and amount of soil nutrition for proper growth.

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