Residential Weed Removal Alpharetta

In our lawns, yards or home gardens, weeds demand a great portion of our time and effort to cultivate a beautiful home environment. Ever since humans began planting and cultivating plants, weeds have been a problem. A weed is any plant in the wrong place. Weeds take valuable space, water, sunlight and nutrients that may otherwise be accessible to other flora in your garden or yard.

Weeds also provide cover for diseases, insects and other pests like rodents, snakes, etc. Garden weeds are hard to control because they grow rapidly, produce vast numbers of seeds, and spread aggressively by vegetative structures and/or seeds.

Weed Removal Methods

In order to weed by using your hands, get down on your hands and knees and get close to the weeds. Ideally, you should have a small handheld tool to remove the weed. Getting close to the weeds will cause minimal or no harm to your plants. Check to ensure that the surrounding plants are in good health and weed-free, no matter how small the weed.

When tackling the weed, make sure that the entire weed is pulled out, including roots. If you just snip at the weeds at the base, it will just regenerate again. Using a small trowel would enable you get under the weed. Weeding is ideal after the garden has been watered for a few hours as this helps loosen the soil.

Weeding should be performed regularly, at least once a week, preferably when it’s cooler. Weed control should be part of your lawn care servicing routine to make sure that any weeds are attended to early and do not grow and multiply. Dead weeds can be added to your compost heap.

Weed Control Using Mulch

Mulch is another effective form of weed control. It helps to keep weeds out and retains moisture in your garden. Plastic mulch can be utilized and it is highly effective in eliminating weeds. However, it is not environmentally friendly while it will not return nutrients to the soil.

On the other hand, organic mulch is environmentally friendly. It is created from compost and is effective in suppressing weeds while serving as a natural fertilizer. Weeds that do appear through the mulch are easier to remove.

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