Outdoor Perimeter Pest Protection Alpharetta

Grubs Damaging TurfUnlimited Landscaping protects homes from pests by using a highly effective and popular insect control service called Outdoor Perimeter Pest Control.

So what exactly is this service? Outdoor Perimeter Pest Control is a series of four insect control treatments which act as a shield protecting your home for common pests such as ants, crickets, fleas, mites, cockroaches and spiders from entering your premises. This protection naturally extends to your landscape by reducing the number of plant-eating insects.

As previously stated, there will be a series of four treatments. The schedule of the treatments are as such:

  • The first treatment will be administered in spring before the insects multiply and invade your home
  • The second and third treatments will be made during the summer months as this is the peak period for bug populations
  • The final treatment will be completed in the fall, where insect populations will be dwindling leading into winter when bug populations are lowest

What are the benefits of Unlimited Landscaping Outdoor Perimeter Pest Protection?

  • Highly effective in preventing unwanted pests from invading your home
  • Application is odorless, colorless, and is safe for your family and pets
  • Will not harm your soil, flowers, shrubs, or lawns
  • Pest control is efficient for many species of insects
  • Treatment takes place outdoors – keeping insecticides out of your home and out of your living space

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